Thursday 17 May 2012

May 17th, 2012

Today had a lot of potential as a busking day, sunny weather, but not so hot that I had to worry about sunburns or getting tired out too quickly. The streets were full of tourists, and I felt like my session had somehow been blessed by this old woman, who I've seen both on the island and downtown quite a few times, who I had given a toonie to in exchange for a purple pansy, which she carefully pinned into my bun, after hugging me and telling me she loves to hear me play.
This moment of whimsy was soon overshadowed by an incredibly tragic one. Just as I had snagged my favourite spot (by the souvenir shop and the tour buses), and had begun to play Amy's "Valerie" (one I just added to my repertoire that I absolutely LOVE), when I was bombarded by the steaming feces of what I can only imagine must have been a very large bird, or a small one with a huge appetite. I tried to wipe myself off and keep playing, but the stench and general crustiness were too much to handle. I solely packed up my things, and headed for home and a shower.
On the bright side (haha), the weather forecast looks good for tomorrow, I'll be in Gastown in the earlier part of the day, and then on Granville Island for dinner hour, if all goes well. I'll bring a few Wet Ones just in case.

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  1. when I lived in japan, they told me that having a bird poop on you was lucky. I always thought, "yeah, lucky as in 'lucky horses can't fly'"