Friday 4 May 2012

May 4th, 2012

Went down to the Vancouver Engineering Building yesterday to register for my city busking permit. Met a fiddler named Timothy who has recently moved here from Alberta, but by the sounds of it he has lived just about everywhere there is to live in Canada. We talked for a bit about the ups and downs of busking in Montreal (ups: permit-free zones in the metro, downs: territorial old-timers), and the joys of busking in general. The man behind the counter was fairly easygoing, the only part of the contract he really emphasized was that we were not to play within thirty-three metres of the steam clock in Gastown. "Tourists hear about it, y'know, and they're standing there waiting to hear it sing or whatever, and if there's a busker there it really interrupts the experience."
When I asked if there were any set locations we were or were not meant to play he replied "Nope, nobody owns the street out there, it's yours for the taking."

That it is.

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