Wednesday 16 May 2012

May 16th, 2012

Sunny afternoon of music in Gastown, had to abandon my favourite spot outside the souvenir shop, just a couple feet away from where all the tour busses stop, because the bench in front of it was being pressure washed. Didn't mind too much though, that bench was getting a little inhospitable what with all the pigeon poop and all, and I want my audience to have a relatively clean space to sit and listen.
A young punky character sat and had his lunch break in front of me. I thought I'd get him with one of my newer tunes, maybe the "Seven Nation Army" component of my Am, G, F, E7 medley (also includes "Fogtown" and "Hit the Road Jack"), or maybe "Pumped Up Kicks"? Which tune finally got his fingers snapping? None other than "King of the Road", an old campfire favourite of my mom's. "I like your version a lot better," he said before leaving, and I even sensed the hint of a smile behind his dark glasses.
This just goes to show that sometimes there is something to be said for playing the songs you want to be playing, rather than trying to guess at which songs will please your audience. You never know which one will strike a chord with someone (terrible, I know).

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