Monday 7 May 2012

May 7th, 2012

Spent the afternoon playing just outside the Oakridge Canada Line station yesterday afternoon with my good friend N. who also sings and plays the guitar. It was the first real T-shirt day I've had since being back in Vancouver and I was happy to spend it doing what I love best.
I've recently injured my knee so we decided to be a little rebellious and sit on a bench that we've been ousted from by the transit cops before (it's Oakridge's property, not Translink's), figuring we'd pull the disabled card if anyone gave us a hard time.
When two green polar fleece-wearing transit reps showed up we were certain we'd have to relocate to a less hospitable venue, but much to our surprise they instead stood and listened to us for a solid half hour. They were both fairly young and enjoyed our adapted versions of current top forty hits like Soulja Boy's "Turn My Swag On" and Mr. Bieber's "Baby". Their favourite, however, was our cover of the Black Keys' "Little Black Submarines", played earnestly and without a shred of the smouldering irony that most of our modern day covers are rife with.
Before going back into the station proper they told us that it was their best day of work ever and asked us to get licensed with TransLink to play inside so that they could hear us all the time. The young woman gave us a dollar, apologizing that she didn't have more, and the man gave us the card for his photography business, promising us that if we ever needed portraits he'd do 'em for free.

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