Wednesday 9 January 2019

January 9th 2019

A quick post to celebrate my laptop's resurrection. Hopefully this miracle will facilitate more frequent posting in the near future. I took advantage of a teeny dry weather window around lunchtime today to play a few songs in Robson Square. Shortly after I started a man walked past me holding a frantically fluttering pigeon by the tip of its wing. The bird quickly broke free leaving the man with a fistful of feathers which he promptly deposited in my case. I asked him if he just grabbed the pigeon out of thin air. "Yeah," he said, "it was supposed to be my dinner but it got away." As soon as he was out of sight I gently kicked the wing chunk donation out of my case because, you know, germs. The whole scene felt especially odd as I had only moments before been contemplating tragic pigeon slaying while I listened to a podcast about Lizzie Borden. Apparently only a few days before the morning of the infamous whacks, Lizzie's father had slaughtered many of the pigeons she kept as pets to make pigeon pie for dinner. Weird coincidence or some kind of avian augur? I'm not sure. If you'd like to learn more about Lizzie's pigeons check out this episode of the hilarious, adorable and jam-fact-packed Stuff You Should Know podcast.

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