Wednesday 8 May 2013

May 7th, 2013

Back to busking in Vancouver again, I have yet to renew any of my permits so I had to spend the day playing in the sparse and not particularly lucrative "no-permit" zones. I have really been wracking my brain for a good stand out moment or story from today since this is my first time busking here and writing about it in nearly a year. Truth be told though, it was kind of a crummy day. I made next to no money, got a serious sunburn, was accosted by an old man (something I am more used to dealing with in Montreal where I can just pretend I don't speak French), and had two teenagers in suits take a good ten minute chunk out of my rush hour set at the Oakridge Canada Line station to talk to me about Jesus. So all in all today was not one of those magic busking days, but you know what? I still can't wait to get back out there tomorrow and do it all over again.

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